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A Message From Erik

“I lived my life in bondage from addiction for years, never knowing the power that dwelt within.”

Thank you for your interest in our Christian alcohol and drug rehab discipleship program. This program has been established to help those struggling with addiction discover a new way to live and to cope with emotional and sociological stresses that are a part of everyday life. To learn these skills means to break free from addictions and addictive behaviors.

Addiction Campuses of Tennessee (ACTN), Spring 2 Life has been walking beside families and individuals in their journey to finding absolute freedom from addiction for years. From non-believers to Christians who have lost their way, the programs at ACTN have a proven track record for being the launching point of a new life of peace and happiness. ACTN specializes in biblical addiction recovery and we also have extensive classes that address secular world views as well as Christian world views.

Our program is one of the most successful in the country. This is because of our Christian focus and also because of our belief that addiction is not treated in one 30 day program. We ensure that you complete treatment when you’re healed and ready to leave rehab, not just because of a date on the calendar.

I lived my life in bondage from addiction for years, never knowing the power that dwelt within. I promise you that if you will just allow God the opportunity, He will set you free from the chains of addiction, and show you things about yourself and your potential, that you would have never imagined. Are you ready?

Let me show you how faith in God can restore your heart and give you new life. Call ACTN today.

- Eric Hines, President - Addiction Campuses of Tennessee