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Our Philosophy

You are the storyteller of your life.

At our Christian drug rehab center, we are able to break the cycle of recovery relapse. Relapse is resuming addiction to alcohol or a chemical substance after one or more periods of abstinence. Drug dependence can lead to increased tolerance to the substance in question, and cravings and withdrawal if the drug use ceases. Drug addiction treatment doesn’t just stop at the 30 day mark, but instead ends with a detailed and graded evaluation. The score determines if it’s time to move into the next phase of the program. This process has proven to work, because successful drug addiction recovery treatment takes as long as it takes, and is different for every individual. And to prove it, we are proud to share that our Christian drug treatment recovery success rate is one of the highest in the country.

Drug rehab treatment for Christians and non-believers alike in all stages of addiction

At Addiction Campuses of Tennessee, we believe firmly that we are all children of God, intrinsically worthy of love, respect, and forgiveness. We do not judge the circumstances that bring individuals to treatment, but instead serve as Christ would to offer help through restoration and recovery. Depending on where the client is on the addiction spectrum, our Christian drug rehab treatment center can provide exceptional care with programs for intervention and detox, residential care, and supervised outpatient treatment. Our alcohol and drug rehab clients receive pastoral-led individual and group counseling and participate in life skills classes to prepare them for when they leave treatment. They also participate in a full schedule of programs, exercise classes and group therapy sessions.

You progress through phases of Christian drug rehab as you are ready

Some people just don’t move that fast, and have more than one issue they are battling. Addiction Campuses of Tennessee is equipped to offer Christian dual diagnosis treatment and give our students that extra time to fully treat their drug addiction as well as the other personal challenges that cause or contribute to it. We will advance you to the next phase of treatment when YOU are ready. Not us. Through our residential Christian alcohol and drug treatment programs, Biblical teachings, individual counseling, small group meetings and drug/alcohol awareness programs, we teach our students how to love their life again.

Freedom starts when you walk in the door

We all have a set of basic human needs. Using our GEARS drug treatment methodology, we assert that the content of our heart is what controls the direction of our heart, which is in charge of controlling our mind and life. The content of our heart is made up of those basic human needs. We approach addiction as the bi-product of a heart that has unmet needs. When we delight in the Lord (delight means to hold spellbound, or to make top priority) then He will meet the needs in our heart. And when God meets the needs of our hearts, that changes the way our hearts influence our minds and lives.