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Drug Treatment Admissions

Get started on recovery today

At Addiction Campuses of Tennessee, we know that the time to heal begins the very second you pick up the phone to call. Our treatment specialists have the decades of experience as well as the necessary educational and professional backgrounds to quickly assess and place you or your loved one into the proper program by meeting you exactly where you are on the addiction spectrum.

Addiction assessments and insurance verifications are free. The road to recovery can begin in as few as 24 hours.

Our goal is get you better, today. Let us carry your burden – and help you heal.

Contact Our Admissions Team 24 / 7: 1-888-512-3306

We are here to take your call and get the process started. The following links provide some helpful information about treatment at Addiction Campuses of Tennessee.

Addiction Campuses of Tennessee serves clients in and around Murfreesboro, Greater Nashville, Middle Tennessee and all around the country. We offer the best Christian drug rehab program, and have one of the highest treatment success rates nationwide. We are passionate about our calling to help others achieve a life of sobriety. Here are some important forms that are part of the admissions process at ACTN: