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What To Bring

What to bring to treatment

Packing for Recovery Treatment

Preparing For Recovery Treatment At ACTN

Thank you for choosing Addiction Campuses of Tennessee as your place for recovery. We are super excited about what your future holds and can’t wait to meet you!

What kind of clothes to bring?
Students entering the Lodge program should pack about as much clothing as if you were going away for two weeks. We provide you with a washer and dryer to do laundry that you will access to every week. You will need clothes to play in (ie. shorts, swim trunks, tennis shoes etc), clothes to work in (ie. work shoes, pants and old shirts), clothes to attend services and outings in (ie. nice jeans or slacks, button-up shirts, nice shoes), as well as sleeping and lounging type clothes (ie. pajamas, slippers, flip-flops etc). Please limit your belongings to two suitcases or bags. Remember, Spring 2 Life is a Christian organization, so any clothing that represents sex, drugs, alcohol, violence or gang affiliation will not be allowed.

Clothing check-list

  • T-shirts (4min – 10max total)
  • Pants / jeans (4 min – 7 max total) Shorts (0 min – 7 max)
  • Shoes (1 pair of work shoes, 2 pair of casual / dress shoes, 1 pair slippers. 1 min - 4 max)
  • Socks (5 min – 10 max) Underwear (5 min – 10 max)
  • Pajamas (3 min – 5 max (this may include shorts and T-shirts)
  • 2 Jackets / coats are permitted. (0 min – 2 max)
  • Hats are permitted but not required. (0 min – 3 max)
  • Bath towels (4 min – 7 max) Wash cloths (4 min – 7 max)

Personal Hygiene
The following is a list of permitted items that all students should bring. If a student does not have some of these items, they can be purchased on Saturdays when the students go to the store (see money below). Students are only allowed a small amount of personal storage, therefore students should try to limit the number of items they bring for their stay in The Lodge.
  • Tooth brush, toothpaste, dental floss, dentures and mouthwash (alcohol free only)
  • Hairbrush, razors, electric razors, shaving cream, deodorant, beard trimmers, hairspray, gel, aftershave etc. (alcohol free only)
  • Soap, shampoo, conditioner, bath sponges, lotion, acne cream,
Products in aerosol cans are not allowed. (Pump spray only please)
While in The Lodge, the following items are not allowed.
  • I-pods, laptop computers, cell phones, pagers, I-pads, etc. (no device that allows internet access)
  • MP3 Players and CD players with headphones are allowed, however all music can and will be monitored by S2L staff.
All students in S2L, are asked to take notes from classes, as well as keep a personal journal. S2L will provide the stationary items that are needed; however students are allowed to bring their own personal classroom material. The following is a list of items that are needed.
  • A personal Bible. (NIV, The message, and NKJV are suggested versions, but other translations are allowed)
  • Students are allowed one backpack for class.
Money / Prepaid Gift Card
While at The Lodge, students are not allowed to carry cash, checks, bankcards, credit cards or money orders on their person. Therefore all students entering the Lodge campus can bring a prepaid VISA or MASTERCARD gift card with them with as much money as they wish to spend while at the Lodge. This prepaid gift card will be kept in the safe and given to you every Saturday when you go to the store. Family members are encouraged to add money to this card (online) on an “as needed” basis or simply mail a new gifty card as needed. Please don’t bring checks or cash for gift cards.