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Campus Life

Absolute freedom from addiction.

Addiction Campuses of Tennessee goes beyond the 30 day program and treat the client by teaching him how God can fulfill the needs he was trying to fulfill through his addiction to drugs like oxycodone, alcohol or heroin.

Depending on their specific needs, Addiction Campuses of Tennessee can provide the most affordable rehab services for Detox, Residential Treatment and Outpatient Treatment. Our campus provides a safe, Christian environment where clients participate in individual counseling, group counseling, worship services and outdoor activities.

Simply put, we are different from the rest

ACTN offers faith based drug rehabThe Spring 2 Life programs are tailored to help men 18 years and older from all walks of life. We provide free, confidential assessments, accept most insurance policies and also offer private pay options. Our intensive residential discipleship program lasts a minimum of 4 months and is designed to establish a strong biblical foundation for recovery. Students are evaluated each month to determine their pace of progression. ACTN provides a closely monitored transitional living program for men whom have completed the intensive discipleship program, but need “practice” living the new life of sobriety. These men find jobs and practice financial responsibility to help them transition back into society.

Christian Focus

We are a faith-based, Biblical addiction recovery campus. Everyone has a set of basic human needs. When a person turns to drugs and alcohol to start meeting these needs, they begin to think they are worthless. “I’m a loser," and “I’m not worthy of love”, “I don’t deserve anything better than what I’m doing now," are the internal dialogue statements they tell themselves. Our GEARS treatment methodology is designed to help people struggling with addiction change their thinking and how they view themselves in relation to the world around them. The GEARS teaches our clients how to fill their hearts with God.

The Lodge

The Lodge is where we begin our residential treatment. 

Founded in 2006, it is an all male campus with dorm-style living. Located in Murfreesboro, the Lodge is a 4 month program that is faith based and not 12-step based. Outdoor activities are offered on 10 wooded acres with an array of trails and creeks. Students at the Lodge receive pastoral counseling once a week, along with addiction classes each day. Students help prepare meals, and have chores.  There is an evaluation performed every 30 days and students must receive an A or B grade in order to move into the next level of treatment. This model is extremely successful as the rehab success rate for ACTN is 85%. 

The CEO of Addiction Campuses himself, Erik Hines, got sober through the program and each staff member has also been through the recovery program. 


We are here 24 hours a day to take your call and get the process started.