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Drug Rehab Facilities

Come enjoy recovery in peace.

We provide a safe and secure environment on over 100 acres of open, beautiful land with plenty of trails and creeks for clients to enjoy a nature walk or a quiet place to read and pray.

The Lodge is our residential treatment facility, where we teach our biblical-based rehabilitation program. When they are ready, our clients move from the Lodge into The Hope House, our transitional living facility that teaches how clients can acclimate themselves back into society, hold a job and continue their road to recovery.

Our Christian drug rehab program has a proven success rate that is higher than most other recovery campuses. Call today to change your life.

Learn more about ACTN's drug treatment facilities: 1-888-512-3306

Quick overview...

The Lodge

The Lodge is set deep in the rolling hills of Tennessee on a large property with acres of hiking trails and creeks that help create a very tranquil setting for recovery to begin. This residential treatment campus is designed to enable the student to establish a foundational relationship with Christ, and to be the launching point for their new life of freedom. Each student attends 3 classes a day, as well as support from an experienced life coach and an ordained addiction recovery pastor. There is an evaluation date set every four weeks to determine if the student is ready for the next level. If a student is maintaining a GPA of 80 – 100 for each level, then this phase can be completed in 4 months. The main purpose for The Lodge is to get the student started in his new walk of freedom with Christ, and to establish a strong relationship with Him, as well as establishing the root cause for the addiction. After completion of The Lodge, an assessment is performed to decide the next phase of the program.


The Hope House

The Hope House our transitional living facility, designed to prepare students for living out their new life in Christ with intermittent contact with our staff. Students are required to work outside jobs and save money, while still remaining accountable to ACTN. The Hope House gives each student an opportunity to begin his transition back into society and learn to deal with the pressures of the world and the workplace while having the support and assistance of the his friends in the program as well as the Spring 2 Life programs and staff. Students stay in this phase for 90 days (of employment) and then a graduation date is set.