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GEARS Methodology

Heart, Mind, Life: The GEARS of Recovery…

Erik Hines, President of ACTN, developed The GEARS Christian drug and alcohol rehab treatment methodology that teaches recovery clients how the content of their heart controls the way they think, which determines ultimately how they live. This proven methodology helps clients understand how our basic human needs play a crucial role in our recovery, and how God uses an “inside out” process to set people free from addiction once and for all.

What to expect from The Gears:

The GEARS series is an interactive class series used by our christian alcohol treatment centers that is designated to help addicts and alcoholics identify the core causes of the addiction and understand their basic human needs.

The GEARS teaches people how the content of your heart controls the way you think and then ultimately how you live. The GEARS help people understand how our basic human needs play a crucial role in christian drug rehab, and how God uses and “inside out” process to set people free from addiction once and for all. The GEARS illustrate the sequential relationship between the content of our heart, mind and lifestyle.

The GEARS series is comprised of 8 one hour sessions that assist both in individual struggles as well as christian dual diagnosis treatment (Dual diagnosis is a condition in which someone suffers from a substance abuse problem along with a co-occurring mental illness)

Clients can expect
  • Dynamic lectures
  • Discussion group sessions at christian based drug rehab centers
  • A personalized basic human needs test and scoring system

It works by starting with the heart.

In christian alcohol treatment, as well as drug treatment, the content of a person’s heart determines who they are and how they live.

Their heart’s rotation determines their mindset.
Their mind’s rotation determines the direction of their life.

This means my life is headed in the direction established by the content of my heart and the rotation of my mind and thoughts.

Consider that...

If your heart believes something, your mind will think it and your lifestyle will reflect it.  If your heart believes you are a failure, you will think thoughts of defeat, and therefore remain defeated.  If your heart believes you are an addict, you will think like an addict, and therefore live like an addict.  If your heart believes you are a child of God, you will think Godly thoughts, and therefore live a Godly life.

This is the core of The Gears philosophy.

Understanding my basic human needs

Basic human needs are natural needs that every person possesses. We unconsciously strive to meet these needs, in order to live satisfied lives.

The 9 basic human needs are:

Self Worth

These basic human needs become the founding factors that make up the content of our heart and determine who we are as people.

Our basic human needs establish foundational aspects about us like:

Our character
Our personality
Our disposition
Our outlook
Our temperament

Ultimately: the condition of our heart

Addiction and Basic Human Needs

When a person’s basic human needs are unmet in life, they begin to lose balance and seek ways to satisfy them.  Addiction is the parasite that we catch when we try to fill our basic human needs from the wrong source.

The deficit created by the unmet need drives us to be fulfilled and this is where addiction happens.

The GEARS series will help people discover how to allow God to bridge the gap between our needs and His provisions.

This program has one of the highest success rates in the country. Call today to find out more about how to change your life.

Life Coaching

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