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Christian Drug Rehab

Christian Drug Rehab

Christ Centered Addiction Treatment

Addiction Campuses of Tennessee specializes in Christian addiction recovery treatment because many people become so dependent on drugs and alcohol in their lives that they no longer see how to abstain from it. At ACTN however, we know that recovery and restoration is possible through Jesus Christ who wants us to enjoy all the blessings of the gospel.

ATCN offers all levels of addiction treatment. Depending on where the client is on the addiction spectrum, we can provide exceptional care with individual pastoral counseling and life skills coaching to prepare them for when they leave treatment. Learn more about our Christian drug rehab services, including:

At ACTN we approach addiction to alcohol, painkillers, heroin, meth and other drugs as the bi-product of a heart that has unmet needs. We use Biblical teachings and The GEARS methodology to help clients trust God and know that when we delight in the Lord, then He will meet the needs in our heart. And when God meets the needs of our hearts, He changes the way our hearts influence our minds and the lives we lead. This approach, along with non-traditional, extended treatment length duration has been proven repeatedly to create higher treatment success rates for our clients - lowering their chance of relapse, reducing the overall cost of rehab treatment, and strengthening their ability to live fulfilling lives of sobriety in hands of God.

We are here 24 hours a day to take your call and get the process started.

Learn more about Christian drug rehab at ACTN: 1-888-512-3306

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Get Drug Treatment Help at ACTN Today

Addiction Campuses of Tennessee provides all levels of Christian addiction recovery care in a comfortable and safe environment. Our campus offers the perfect place to reflect, learn, change, and thrive. Our Christian drug rehab treatment programs are tailored to each client, and overseen by dedicated addiction recovery professionals.

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Intervention Help

Addiction Campuses of Tennessee offers professional interventionists to help you confront a loved one struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. You don't have go it alone. We can help.

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