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Family Counseling

Family Drug Addiction Counseling

Family support is critical

Our family counseling is an opportunity for the family of the addict to get help for themselves and get help to understand what happened to their loved one, how it happened and how they can be a part of recovery.

Our pastoral addiction counselors have the training and experience to conduct family counseling sessions to discover the root of the addiction and they will work with a family to encourage new life habits and communication. This family support is crucial to helping an addict turn over a new leaf and begin his life again.

Addiction Campuses of Tennessee can help.

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Addiction Campuses of Tennessee provides all levels of Christian addiction recovery care in a comfortable and safe environment. Our campus offers the perfect place to reflect, learn, change, and thrive. Our Christian drug rehab treatment programs are tailored to each client, and overseen by dedicated addiction recovery professionals.

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Intervention Help

Addiction Campuses of Tennessee offers professional interventionists to help you confront a loved one struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. You don't have go it alone. We can help.

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