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Intervention & Detox

Drug and Alcohol Intervention

Your first step to recovery

An intervention is a coordinated effort between family and loved ones, where an interventionist leads the meeting and provides guidance and mediation. The goal of an intervention is to initiate treatment by persuading an individual struggling with drug or alcohol addiction to make the decision to seek help. Addiction Campuses of Tennessee provides professional intervention assistance for individuals and families in crisis.

Often times we determine that after intervention we need to provide medical detoxification to help individuals rid their bodies of the addictive substances they have become chemically and psychologically dependent on like alcohol, painkillers, heroin and meth. We provide medical supervision including medication, doctor support, and therapy to make this time as comfortable as possible. We then ensure a smooth transition between detox and residential treatment.

Don't wait until it's too late to get help for yourself or a loved one. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a disease that is treatable with the right care and in the right environment. Addiction Campuses of Tennessee can put you on the road to recovery and a life worth living today.

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Addiction Campuses of Tennessee provides all levels of Christian addiction recovery care in a comfortable and safe environment. Our campus offers the perfect place to reflect, learn, change, and thrive. Our Christian drug rehab treatment programs are tailored to each client, and overseen by dedicated addiction recovery professionals.

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Intervention Help

Addiction Campuses of Tennessee offers professional interventionists to help you confront a loved one struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. You don't have go it alone. We can help.

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